Annotation Type PrepareForTest

public @interface PrepareForTest

This annotation tells PowerMock to prepare certain classes for testing. Classes needed to be defined using this annotation are typically those that needs to be byte-code manipulated. This includes final classes, classes with final, private, static or native methods that should be mocked and also classes that should be return a mock object upon instantiation.

This annotation can be placed at both test classes and individual test methods. If placed on a class all test methods in this test class will be handled by PowerMock (to allow for testability). To override this behavior for a single method just place a @PrepareForTest annotation on the specific test method. This is useful in situations where for example you'd like to modify class X in test method A but in test method B you want X to be left intact. In situations like this you place a @PrepareForTest on method B and exclude class X from the value() list.

Sometimes you need to prepare inner classes for testing, this can be done by suppling the fully-qualified name of the inner-class that should be mocked to the fullyQualifiedNames() list.

You can also prepare whole packages for test by using wildcards:


The annotation should always be combined with the @RunWith(PowerMockRunner.class) if using junit 4.x or

 public static TestSuite suite() throws Exception {
     return new PowerMockSuite(MyTestCase.class);
if using junit3.

The difference between this annotation and the PrepareOnlyThisForTest annotation is that this annotation modifies the specified classes and all its super classes whereas the PrepareOnlyThisForTest annotation manipulates only the specified classes.

Optional Element Summary
 String[] fullyQualifiedNames
 Class<?>[] value


public abstract Class<?>[] value


public abstract String[] fullyQualifiedNames

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